About HMW


We contribute to the improvement of international medical welfare with the philosophy and technology we have fostered in Japan.

Heisei Medical and Welfare Group started from Hakuai Memorial Hospital which was established in Tokushima, Shikoku, about 30 years ago. Since then, we have been working on medical welfare based on the patient centered philosophy "Never Give Up", and aim to become a hospital/facility group which is valued by the local community. Currently, we have more than 100 hospitals/facilities/schools and more than 15,000 staff, but this philosophy never changes. As the Japanese population ages, the need for medical welfare is reaching new heights. We are proud that the technology we have fostered, specializing in medical welfare for the elderly, is among the best in the world.
We hope to convey this philosophy and technology overseas and contribute to the improvement of medical welfare. We try to achieve this goal by accepting EPA candidates and Technical Interns, and opening the clinic in Indonesia. As aging progresses, medical welfare will be needed more in your country as well. Why don't you study with us in Japan and become a leader for the coming future. We will give our best to support you.

Yuki Sakagami
Overseas Department

Outline of Heisei Medical Welfare Group

We are a medical and welfare group which specialize in convalescence and chronic period. We manage 26 hospitals and more than 80 nursing facilities all over Japan with 15,000 staff. With the motto "Never Give Up", we mainly accept patients/facility users who have finished their main treatments, then provide them rehabilitation, helping them to return home as soon as possible.
By accepting EPA candidates, we believe that we can establish our medical and welfare approach overseas. Candidates from Indonesia/Philippines/Vietnam, and other countries study at our hospitals/facilities and aim to pass national exams for nurses/certified care workers. They study very hard to acquire Japanese language skills and pass national exams and strive to improve medical and welfare technologies for their own countries.


We are building our medical and welfare services overseas. With rehabilitation services being less common in countries in Asia, we have opened a rehabilitation clinic in South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Working at this clinic in Indonesia is one option for EPA candidates after acquiring qualifications in Japan.